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Written by . Posted at 9:19 am on October 10th, 2004

Warning: this is a big old e-mail.

First things first – one day, I’d like to write for the New York Times. To do that, however, I’ve heard it’s a good idea to get some experience writing for school newspapers. Thus, last Thursday’s column (attached for your viewing pleasure) on how much I abhor content-controlled mass media. Bizarrely, they left out my best quote;
Jason Clow saying “techno is just trumped up 80’s hair band rock, anyway – like Devo gone horrible, terribly wrong. Times a million.” When I pressured the editor for a comment, she said it was “one of the best first columns I’ve seen in a while.” As far as I know, that’s basically journalist-talk for “don’t call us, we’ll call you.” So depending on the public reaction, my grammatical errors, and the alignment of the planets, I might be writing more columns next semester. Which is fine with me – if they want me, they know my e-ddress.

The ‘ol Ranger Challenge is going quite well. I took another APFT Monday, after I’d been sick for the previous four days. I busted through it for a 297 out 300, which solidified my spot on Alpha Team. Then I went on a double-quick, really intense ruck run (6.2 miles in full “battle rattle” – boots, BDUS, rucksack, rubber weapon, Kevlar helmet, etc) Wednesday. I finished with the top dogs in 67 minutes, rolled over and puked up Gatorade and turkey sandwich in the grass, totally grossing out one of the girls I play Ultimate Frisbee with. It was nothing personal, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The competition is next weekend, and we’re looking very strong. I won’t say more than that, but I hope I’ll be sending out one exciting e-mail at the start of next week.

Went and saw Yellowcard last night. Believe it or not, our student activities board convinced the MTV-pop music band to come Kirksville. At least half the people in the audience were 14yr old townies in

miniskirts. When they played “Ocean Avenue,” I saw at least three heads explode. It was an alright time.

All my Australia stuff got sent off today, so I should have a definite yes/no answer and timetable by the end of two weeks. I’m also looking at trying to knock out a half-Ironman triathlon while I’m down under. How cool would that be? Who’d pass up the chance to swim with sharks, bike with Aussies, and run with aborigines?
Also, my suitemate wants you to check him out on Hot or Not:

Perhaps least importantly, mid-terms are coming up. I’m not too worried about Military Science or Advanced Public Speaking, but Chemistry and German and Rhetoric are going to take some studying. The better grades I get, the better my chances are of NOT joining the “bullet catcher” branch of the Army. Talk about motivation.

Josh Fenton
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I hate to get all preachy, but I saw this fantastic column in the St. ouis Post-Dispatch and wanted to share it. Forgot to PS it, though.


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