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Written by . Posted at 7:49 am on April 7th, 2007

a picture’s worth a thousand words, just ask a cameraman
– J.Buffett

07 Vampire Ball 04 Dresden Lithuani-Awesome-a
Scota Lotta Land pour it kinda strong

and pour it kinda strong ‘cause I won’t be here long /
I ain’t got time to savour ‘em, I gotta drink ‘em quick /
I’ve conveyed my urgency I hope
13 the tri
11 can't stop won't stop bike path 07 see, this is what happens when you visit me
06 life is an autobahn baby 05 good girls go to heaven, bad girls Prague 03 (Marseille) Bonjour France!
02 Frankfurt part zwei 01 Lake Konstanz or Learning To Travel Again 23 Oregon, Land of Heroes
22 Carolina in the summer 16 lose your blues, everybody cut footloose 15 guidance counselor said your scores are anti-heroic
13 heaven exists. it's in Pittsburgh 06 T-giving 10 a mile high in denver
08 santa baby, a fifty four convertible too, light blue 09 putting the biscut in the basket 05 like a Yank in Augusta
04 Labor Day in KC trying to be the best at exercising Japan, the Phillys, Korea
2010-05-03 the stars at night...
I took some Leave in July and set out to see The Republic
all over the Lone Star State
3200 miles to Juarez
or: "the Fentons go to Texas!"
Old Kentuck to Caronlia to Georgia to Illonis to Big Tex
a ski bum's last spring break
a week's worth of something that can't be fully explained
… and I find myself back in Salt Lake
my 16th and final winter break
enjoy! (I know I did)
from Missouri to Utah to Oregon to Utah to Vegas to Utah to Missouri…
Giving Thanks in Utah
Salt Lake and surronding ski resorts
'Hello' is always the best passport
This is me, using up my limbo-month between the end of college and the start of Lieutenant Training
South Utah and Beyond
six months spent studying abroad and trapsing all over the place
The Great Down Under

let's lose charley