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B SERIES, aka I wish it were 1944

Written by . Posted at 8:04 pm on November 23rd, 2008

See, here’s one of the funny things about the Army. They spent four months and a shinny copper nickel training to me to fight these:


Then they told me to forget all that nonsense, I’ll be working with these:


And then they sent me to Little Rock and got me learned up on kicking in doors and chewing bubble gum and dominating a house room-by-room:


And then they tell me to forget all that nonsense, I’ll be rocking one of these:


That’s right, gentle readers. Contrary to the smart money, I got promoted. Twice, although neither one had much of anything to do with the other. The first was the more problems type – from PL to XO. Then, about two months later, I got the more money type – from LT to LT.


And since we’re speaking of nonsense, we also pulled BRIGADE SERIES, a 10-day wargame in the South Painted Desert. Here’s some pictures to prove I did it:


My chariot. The M1068 Integrated Command Post Vehicle. In fourteen words and three punctuations: I dearly love sweet, sweet tanks and the ’68 is not a goddamn tank.


Remember the Aztek? Pontaic’s SUV-with-a-tent? No? Don’t worry – the Firebird folks canned it after five real short years. Anyway, the Army thought it was such a kickass concept that they developed a tent to tack onto the back of the USS Deckalski (my chariot’s nom de guerre).


That’s Edgerton, the world’s most over-educated Corporal, holding the pudding. It’s best not to ask certain questions.


That’s Sam Kane. Wait. No, sorry, that’s me.


Commanding the biggest target on the FOB.


Those are friendlies, which means I’m not in Big Trouble.


I got to roll out Cowboy style exactly once during those ten days. Never thought I’d be so happy in a humvee.


With Katmandu, who keeps me sane.


  1. sam kane is the greatest fictional marshal who ever lived!!
    josh is an ok xo/lt

  2. …I prefer the term “half competent”

  3. Bear

    Somebody needs to sit at that desk. I like the picutres and appreciate the definitions of the military speak.


  4. Josh,

    Good on ya mate. (Figure since you’ve been to Ausstalia you know that’s not as queer as it sounds).

    Looks like they’re keeping you occupied.

    Tell Kel howdy. Have a good Thanksgiving.

    Uncle blblblblblbl

  5. looks like the army can’t really make up its mind on what to do with you. what will it be after the desk??? washington maybe??? :)

  6. Josh I miss you

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