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I came, I saw, I dominated

Written by . Posted at 7:57 am on August 26th, 2004

Well, the San Franciscan Clam Chowder and views are as spectacular as ever. Last Sunday I participated in the 24th Alcatraz Challenge, a duathalon (a 2mile swim from the Rock to the Waterfront followed by a 7mile run across the Golden Gate bridge and back). It was the third time I’ve swam from Alcatraz, but the first time I’ve done the run after it.

In summation, it was a blast. I finished both the swim in 47 minutes and the run in 53 minutes. With a 6 minute transition between events (changing into running shorts and shoes, scarfing a Powerbar), I finished in with a time of 1:46:44.0. The results are available at .
Frankly, I was pretty surprised with how fast I ran (about seven and a half minute miles). I was even more awed when they gave me a Shark’s tooth – the award for finishing first in your age group. Overall, I finished 47th out of 500-odd swimmers. Even more amazing, of the five or six people that passed me on the run, at least three were in their mid thirties. And they were all hauling – I hope I’m that in shape when I’m that age.

Josh Fenton, duathalete

Pictures can be found at:

A pretty good page on the Challenge:

PS – Party this Saturday, my house. 11:30AM. Bring a suit and a towel. The weather is forecasted to be sunny, but we’ve got backup plans just in case.

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