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no good deed goes….

Written by . Posted at 4:50 am on December 27th, 2008

It’s said that life is like a roller coaster, baby baby.  Ups and downs, and a little crying and a little throwing up. I’ll make a less-educated guess that the proper metaphor for The Grandee Army of The Republic is found on the other side of the Galactical Fun Park, right next to the scary-ass waterslides.

The short answer to the long statement is thus: I got another one of the “more problems” promotions. Whereas before I was busy defending the Troop from the Red Tape Hordes, now I’m working on the Squadron level. It’s roughly the equivalent of just-barely getting the hang of city politics, then pissing off enough people to get thrown into the State arena. There’s a lot of blood up here.

The glamorous answer to the long statement is this: we Staffers bust our assess on the Science of War. Troop movements, cross-Battalion coordination, cutting orders, developing graphics, you know – all the sexy shit they show in Hollywood.

Anyway, we rock the science of war so the Squadron Commander can rock the art of warfare – who to flank and when, whereabouts to feint, and the rest of the fun shit. It’s usually uglier than an albino tiger, but sometimes – and only sometimes – it’s fun as all hades.

Enough to make a man proud of his profession.


The good news is that I finally swam the goddamn Rio. It’s been a goal of mine since I hit the Republic. The EPT was founded, in part, because that’s the point where the Grande stops heading south and starts heading east, towards the gulf. And so I cleverly avoided the worst of the industrial pollution by crossing up in the New Mexico area – about a half hour drive (15 in my batmobile).

Here’s the proof:


contemplating the deeper meaning of life


rocking the deeper meaning of life


conquering the deeper


the end of the deeper



  1. Josh, Josh, Josh,

    What a brave a stupid thing you did. Looks like a damn nice day to do it, how warm was it?

    Love Pop

  2. Your other mother named Zina

    You really are my Super-Hero!

  3. Grpa and Grma A

    WOW! San Franscisco Bay, The Columbia River, now the Rio, what’s next? Perhaps the English Channel, and the 3 oceans! Love, Grma and Grpa

  4. just for the record, we drove to the rio in the kelly car (aka 99 honda civic) not the josh batmobile.

  5. Danger….where is the life guard?

  6. mystery person

    i am so proud of you bb
    ls (see if you can figure out what that means & who wrote this)

  7. shit, I’m stumped but intrigued.

    Tell you what – for every hint you give me, I’ll narrow it down one category.

    First narrow:
    you’re from my Oregon days

  8. hint # 2.

    i am the most amazing person you know, honestly I think the universe would implode onto itself if you knew anyone more amazing!

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