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no, not Carmen San Diego

Written by . Posted at 8:20 pm on May 25th, 2005

It’s not pretty nor professional, and it won’t win me any awards, but (with or without the ‘www dot’) is now fit for public consumption. When I’m in the southern hemisphere I’m a busy man and basically, this gets the job done. It’s not my best effort, but it’ll do until I get around to redesigning it. Honestly, that’ll prolly be about a year from now. After I finish with the Lucky Country (in a little more than a month), my summer’s gonna fly by. Then it’s school time and the Ranger Challenge starts up. After THAT finishes it’s a mad scramble to catch up on academics. Following some winter break rowdiness and the ‘settling into second-semester blues,’ I can see myself revamping into something more magnificent.

It’ll still be updated ‘whenever I feel like it’, ie once or twice every month or two. You can check whenever you want for semi-smooth access to all 764 digi-pics I’ve posted online since my arrival in the GDU. And all umpteen-million words I’ve written about Australia, America, and myself. Plus I’ve thrown in a little profile, a few top links and some visual aids to help me remember where I’ve been.

For no good reason, I’ve hidden my mate Gundy in the site somewhere. Nobody here in Newcastle has been adventerous enough to even try to find him, but if you’re feeling dangerous, let me know if you locate the Guy From Gundagai. It’s really not that hard.

[edit: Iíve switched things around, the Find-Gundy thing is no longer applicable]


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