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the Ides of March

Written by . Posted at 4:09 pm on March 9th, 2008

So I was digging through some history here in the City of the Endless Summer, and it turns out I’m sharing living space with quite a few notables. Those that have gone before me include Calamity Jane, the outlaw Pancho Villa, Justice Day-O’Conner and – perhaps the most notable of notables- Firefly’s Wash.

Of course, Kelly Wikstrom is notAble in her own ways, too. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, she recently gave up a life of alpine skiing, quality slurpees, and moderate temperatures to move down to the Republic of Texas. She’s poking around for employment and adjusting to the Promised Land appropriately. We’ve no future plans for anything beyond the loosest of possible unions. For now it’s about living in sin and seeing what happens. Barring any major global crises, I’ve got around a year before I deploy to anywhere besides New Mexico. Which gives us time to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Oh, and one more change: I used to be the 2nd Platoon Leader in the Alpha Troop of the 9th of the 1st of the 4th of the 1st Cavalry Division. But we reflagged and now I’m the Leader of the 2nd Platoon of the Alpha Troop of the 13th of the 2nd of the 4th of the 1st Armored Division. The patch changed, as did some of the High Leadership. My job remains essentially unchanged.


This is a pretty good picture of my Drawing Room. Sadly, it’s a pretty poor picture of my view. My apartment complex is backed up against the Franklin Mountains; through the sliding glass door lies a small balcony, and from it you overlook the whole Eastern half of the city, a big section of Post, and a fair bit of open desert.


(click the pictures to big-size them)


At the Front Gate



I got stationed on the bitter edge of the Great American Desert. Some mornings you can really, really tell.



At Alpha Troop, where I go to get some work done. It’s not much different from the other buildings.



Those are the Franklin Mountains, of which I live on the near side.



el Fin


  1. VOTE FENTON!! Josh I still have the button!

  2. that, sir, is eXtra badass and I would love to see that whenever I get back to the Land Of Heroes

  3. Grma and Grpa

    The world is good again. We received a commique from Josh! Life is good–hope it’s the same there. Love to both of you.
    All those #’s–I was in the 3rd of the 3rd of the 3rd and stationed at least 20 miles from anywhere.

  4. joshhhhhhh… i love the pic of your Drawing Room! it made me smile because i saw that pleocian epoch (or whatever epoch it was) sign that we stole from the elementary school running path in one corner, along with a beer in the other corner :)

    i miss you… give kelly a hug for me, and answer the phone the next time me, david, and pauly call :)

    oh ps– that last pic is a nice butt shot haha

  5. thanks, Kara. Will do.

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