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Utah, Thanksgiving, Me

Written by . Posted at 9:38 pm on December 3rd, 2006

The plan was for all us Fentons to meet in Utah for Thanksgiving. That sort of fell through, for a number of reasons, and I still found myself spending a week in the Beehive state. My sister goes to school there, so I had a pretty good time with her and her boyfriend and one of my closest friends, Kelly Wikstrom, who was there too. Kelly had moved there from Missouri about three months earlier.

And the skiing! T’was as amazing as the company. I got to knockout three different resorts – Snowbird, Brighton, and Alta. Brighton was with Anna and Trevor, but Snowbird and Alta left me with only the Girl From Missouri as company. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Alta, by far, was the sweetest place I’ve ever placed ski to snow. The combined ability level of all the Alta skiers (they don’t sell lift tickets to snowboarders) was far higher than the standard. Everyone there, except me and Kelly, was pro-level or higher. Alta, to my thinking, is where the demigods of Ski play.

My sister works at the campus bowling alley, and so we went to bother her some there. She also cooked up a grand Thanksgiving dinner, which we all ate up.

If this sendout writeup seems brief, please bare in mind that I skied most of the week away. And skiing, while fun to do, does not leave much to write or read about. I rode up a lot of chair lifts, I skied down a lot of slopes. I skied fast, I skied slow, I had relaxing runs and I had harried runs. I had fun.

In completely other news, Uncle Sam has assigned me to Armor, the tank branch of this republic’s Army. I don’t know quite how that happened – both my GPA and my PT score (the biggest factors in branch assignment) were significantly higher than the national cadet average. But while tank’n wasn’t my first choice, it damn sure wasn’t my last and I can’t imagine it’s going to be that bad scooting around Wherever in an Abrams. For clarification, however: I’ll more-than-likely be Tank Commander of a crew of four, one of which is a 63 ton, 4.3 million dollar beast of a warfighter. They haven’t told me where my first duty station will be yet, but I’ll pass that along when they do.

I’m halfway between a big net-transition. You can use the arrow keys to scan through the pictures, and if you’ve got a Picasa Web Account, you can leave a comments. Play around with it, let me know what you think.

Tanker Fenton

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